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ATAI Life Sciences BV Market Capitalization on June 03, 2024: USD 269.52 M

ATAI Life Sciences BV Market Capitalization is USD 269.52 M on June 03, 2024, a -10.79% change year over year. Market capitalization is a financial metric that represents the total value of a publicly traded company. It is calculated by multiplying the current share price of a company by the total number of outstanding shares. Market capitalization is used to assess the size and relative value of a company in the stock market. It provides investors with an idea of the company's overall worth and is often used as a basis for comparing companies within the same industry or sector. A higher market capitalization generally indicates a larger, more established company.
  • ATAI Life Sciences BV 52-week high Market Capitalization is USD 431.67 M on April 08, 2024, which is 60.16% above the current Market Capitalization.
  • ATAI Life Sciences BV 52-week low Market Capitalization is USD 172.65 M on November 30, 2023, which is -35.94% below the current Market Capitalization.
  • ATAI Life Sciences BV average Market Capitalization for the last 52 weeks is USD 278.98 M.

ATAI Life Sciences BV

CEO Mr. Christian Angermayer
IPO Date June 18, 2021
Location Germany
Headquarters Krausenstrasse 9-10, Berlin, Germany, 10117
Employees 83
Sector Healthcare
Industry Biotechnology

Atai Life Sciences N.V., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, develops and invests in various therapeutics to treat depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental health disorders. Its product candidates include COMP360, a proprietary psilocybin which is in Phase 3 program; BPL-003, an intranasal formulation that is in Phase 2a and 2b clinical studies; TRD; VLS-01, an transmucosal film in Phase 1b clinical studies; and ELE-101, a serotonergic psychedelic that is in Phase 1/2a study, for the treatment of treatment resistant depression. The company also develop IBX-210, an intravenous formulation of ibogaine, and DMX-1002, an oral formulation of ibogaine indicated for the treatment of opioid use disorder; EMP-01, an oral formulation of an R-MDMA derivative being developed for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder; and EGX-A and EGX-B, psychedelic-like with novel, non-tryptamine structures with differentiated 5-HT receptor pharmacology. In addition, it offers RL-007, an orally bioavailable compound, which is a pro-cognitive neuromodulator for cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia; and GRX-917, a deuterated etifoxine for the treatment of generalize anxiety disorder. Further, the company develops PCN-101, a subcutaneous formulation of R-ketamine, as a therapy for psychiatric indications initially focused on TRD; KUR-101, a formulation of deuterated mitragynine for the treatment of OUD; and RLS-01, indicated for treatment resistant depression. ATAI Life Sciences N.V. was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany with offices in New York and London.

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