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Medavail Holdings Inc Market Capitalization on March 12, 2024

Medavail Holdings Inc Market Capitalization is NA on March 12, 2024, a NA change year over year. Market capitalization is a financial metric that represents the total value of a publicly traded company. It is calculated by multiplying the current share price of a company by the total number of outstanding shares. Market capitalization is used to assess the size and relative value of a company in the stock market. It provides investors with an idea of the company's overall worth and is often used as a basis for comparing companies within the same industry or sector. A higher market capitalization generally indicates a larger, more established company.
  • Medavail Holdings Inc 52-week high Market Capitalization is USD 31.15 M on June 06, 2023, which is NA below the current Market Capitalization.
  • Medavail Holdings Inc 52-week low Market Capitalization is USD 2.91 M on February 12, 2024, which is NA below the current Market Capitalization.
  • Medavail Holdings Inc average Market Capitalization for the last 52 weeks is USD 13.84 M.

Medavail Holdings Inc

CEO Ms. Ramona Seabaugh
IPO Date May 3, 2010
Location Canada
Headquarters 6665 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5N 5M4
Employees 279
Sector Healthcare
Industry Pharmaceutical retailers

MedAvail Holdings, Inc., a technology-enabled retail pharmacy technology and services company, develops and commercializes self-service pharmacy, mobile application, and kiosk solutions in the United States and Canada. It offers a pharmacy technology solution, including the MedAvail MedCenter, which enables on-site pharmacy in medical clinics, retail store locations, employer sites with and without onsite clinics, and other location where onsite prescription dispensing is desired, as well as establishes an audio-visual connection to a live pharmacist enabling prescription drug dispensing to occur directly to a patient with real-time supervision by a pharmacist. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. On February 2, 2024, MedAvail Holdings, Inc along with its affiliates, filed a voluntary petition for liquidation under Chapter 7 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

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