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Scworx Corp Price to Sales Ratio (P/S) on June 03, 2024: 0.64

Scworx Corp Price to Sales Ratio (P/S) is 0.64 on June 03, 2024, a -16.35% change year over year. The price to sales ratio compares the market price per share of a company's stock to its sales revenue per share. It is calculated by dividing the market capitalization by the revenue, divided by the number of outstanding shares. This ratio provides insights into the market's valuation of a company's sales revenue. A higher ratio suggests that investors are willing to pay a higher price for each unit of sales revenue, indicating positive market sentiment and expectations for future revenue growth.
  • Scworx Corp 52-week high Price to Sales Ratio (P/S) is 10.98 on October 09, 2023, which is 1,622.42% above the current Price to Sales Ratio (P/S).
  • Scworx Corp 52-week low Price to Sales Ratio (P/S) is 0.37 on February 09, 2024, which is -42.36% below the current Price to Sales Ratio (P/S).
  • Scworx Corp average Price to Sales Ratio (P/S) for the last 52 weeks is 1.49.

Scworx Corp

CEO Mr. Timothy Andrew Hannibal
IPO Date Oct. 6, 2016
Location United States
Headquarters 590 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, United States, 10022
Employees 9
Sector Healthcare
Industry Health information services

SCWorx Corp. develops and markets health care information technology solutions and related services to improve healthcare processes and information flow within hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the United States. The company provides data content and services related to repair, normalization, and interoperability of information for healthcare providers, as well as big data analytics for the healthcare industry. It also offers virtualized item master file repair, expansion, and automation; electronic medical record management; charge description master management; contract management; request for proposal automation; rebate management; integration of acquired management; big data analytics modeling; data integration and warehousing; and ScanWorx. In addition, the company focuses on selling personal protective equipment and COVID-19 rapid test kits. It sells its solutions and services to hospitals and health systems through its direct sales force, and distribution and reseller partnerships. SCWorx Corp. is based in New York, New York.

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June 15, 2024

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